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Youth Ministry
Our Youth just got back from our church camp-retreat to Broken Bow, Oklahoma.
The Youth Ministry is divided up into several different classes.  We have Youth I which is taught by Emily Kerr and Youth II which is taught by Randy Arnold.

Youth I is for youth grades 7th and 8th. Youth I has Bible studies on Sundays and Wednesdays.  They usually have a group outing once a month, where they go eat out somewhere and fellowship with one another.  

Youth II is for young adults from grades 9th through 12th. In Youth II we have a variety of activities.  We have interesting Bible studies on Sunday mornings, Evenings, and on Wednesday nights. On Wednesday nights we usually go through our regular Bible study, and then go out to our family life center and play basketball.   About once a month we go out and do something fun like bowling, skating, or just fellowshiping with one another.  Also about once a month we do work around the church, such as cleaning out the gutters and mowing some of the elderly's yards.  Usually during the summer we go to a church camp.  Also during the summer we go on a door to door ministry throughout the neighborhood. In Youth II, we try to help each other and get closer to Christ.  

Both Youth Groups invite you to come and join us.  We would be happy to have you.

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