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Sunday School
Our Sunday School Director is Brother Paul McLaughlin.  Brother Paul McLaughlin taught at Purdue before he retired and came to Douglass.  Dr. Paul McLaughlin taught mathematics education.  He is a retired Professor Emeritus.  He personally invites you to attend Sunday School.  Our Church provides a nursery for children three & under.  The nursery is available for all church services.  First Baptist offers classes for all ages. Our Sunday School Services are broken up into several different departments. When the Family Life Center is complete we will be expanding our Sunday School program.  Join us at 9:50 AM every Sunday morning for Bible study and fellowship with friends and neighbors.  Sunday School starts at 9:50 am and ends at 10:45 am.  After Sunday School everyone is invited to attend the Worship Service.  

The Sunday School at First Baptist Church Douglass is organized into age level departments.

Pre-school (2years-Kindergarten)
Children     (Grades 1-6)
Youth           (Grades 7-12)
Adults          (Post-secondary and up)

General Officers

Director                                                                              Paul McLaughlin
Assistant Director                                                            Charley Watson
Secretary                                                                           Bonnie Porter
Sub. Secretary                                                                  Nina Spencer

Nursery and Pre school                                                    Bea Athey
Sub                                                                                         Judy Collier

2 & 3 year old class
Teacher                                                                               Sherry Wells
Helper                                                                                  Irene Arnold

Teacher                                                                               Lynda Langham
Sub                                                                                      Mary Dunn

Children Department
Teacher Grades 1-3                                                            Mildred McLaughlin
Sub                                                                                       Pam Lowery
Teacher Grades 4-6                                                            Cheryl Christian
Dept. Worker Sub                                                               Sandy Yates

Youth Department                                                               
Teacher Grades 7-8                                                            Emily Kerr
Sub                                                                                       Lois Garner
Teacher Grades 9-12                                                          Randy Arnold
Teacher Assistant                                                               Jason Goldsberry

Adult Department
Young Adults
Adult Class Teacher                                                           Jackie Yates
Sub                                                                                       Ken Langham
Helping Hands Teacher                                                      Betty McGuire
Sub                                                                                       Adelle Bobo
Martha Teacher                                                                   Donnie Chumley
Sub                                                                                       Erleta Bobo
Men's Class Teacher                                                          Curtis Holland
Sub                                                                                       Homer Collier

So, as you can see, we have a class for every age group.  We encourage you to come and join us on Sunday mornings. When the Family Life Center is complete we will be expanding our Sunday School with additional adult departmenrs and/or classes.

Sunday School is from 9:50to 10:45a.m. and is followed by the morning worship service at 11:00
Come and join us at 9:50 every Sunday morning for Bible Study,prayer, and fellowship with your friends and neighbors.