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Music Department
Here at First Baptist Church of Douglass, we believe that our music program is a vital part of our church services.  Our song leader is Brother Curtis Holland.  The choir director is Linda Langham.  Our pianists are Donnie Chumley, Jerry Holland, and Lois Garner.  Our choir is made up of several of our members and they sing specials just about every Sunday.  The Choir practices from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  Come and be a part of our choir.

We also have Choir Chimes. Our Choir Chimes play on special occasions, such as Christmas and Easter.  They also encourage you to  come and join them.  They practice on Sunday nights during the Discipleship Training hours

Organist: Donnie Chumley. Substitutes:Lynda Langham and Jerrie Holland
Pianist  : Lois Garner,Substitutes: Lynda Langham and Jerrie Holland